Further consultation on the inclusion of

motorhomes and the A575/A580 at Worsley

The ten Greater Manchester (GM) local authorities have approved the GM-wide Clean Air Zone, which will launch in May 2022. This will help to bring harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) within legal limits as soon as possible. Some categories of vehicles that do not meet emission standards will need to pay a daily charge (with some exemptions and discounts). Following a consultation in 2020, we are seeking further views on two proposed inclusions to the final Clean Air Zone scheme:

  • Including M1/ M1 SP vehicles with a body type of ‘motorcaravan’ within the charging scheme.

  • Including the sections of the A575 and A580 at Worsley within the GM Clean Air Zone.

A consultation is taking place from Wednesday 1 September to Wednesday 13 October 2021.

Anyone can share their views on the impacts of these two proposed inclusions to the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone scheme. Please read more below and answer a few simple questions.

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Motorhomes, campervans and the charging scheme

Due to DVLA vehicle categories, some vehicles with a body type of motorcaravan will currently be charged to drive within the GM Clean Air Zone and some would not.

Vehicles with a body type of motorcaravan that have an N1 and N2 classification (or are blank under vehicle category on the VC5 document) are currently included in the charging scheme. We are proposing to include M1 / M1 Special Purpose vehicles in the charging scheme as well.

This means that all vehicles with a motorcaravan type body, which may look similar and have similar levels of emissions, will be treated equally.

You can find your vehicle category on Section J of your V5C document (vehicle log book) or use the government’s vehicle enquiry service.

Worsley A575 and A580 inclusion

The Clean Air Zone boundary follows the administrative Greater Manchester boundary as closely as possible. It excludes most of the Strategic Road Network (SRN) which is managed by Highways England. You can see the boundary on this map.

Following feedback from the 2020 consultation, we are proposing to include the A575 and A580 at Worsley in the Clean Air Zone. These highway links can now be included, having been previously excluded due to issues with signage in this area.

More information

Before answering the consultation questions, please read the consultation document and supporting documents.

For support to respond to this consultation, or to request copies of the consultation document and questionnaire, please contact info@cleanairgm.com or 0161 244 1100.

Support for non-English speakers is available on 0161 244 1100.

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How to give your views

You can give your views by answering our online questionnaire. This should take between 10 and 20 minutes.

You can also email cleanairgm@aecom.com with your views.

The consultation is open until 23:59 on Wednesday 13 October 2021. If you have any questions about the questionnaire, please email info@cleanairgm.com or call 0161 244 1100.

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