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The Clean Air Zone is coming to Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester is due to introduce its Clean Air Zone on 30 May 2022. It’s designed to protect the health of our residents, workers and visitors by bringing nitrogen dioxide air pollution on local roads within legal limits as soon as possible.

Owners of vans (LGVs), minibuses, HGVs, coaches, hackney carriages and private hire vehicles (PHVs) which don’t meet emissions standards would pay a daily charge to travel in the Zone (private cars, motorbikes and mopeds aren’t included).

We want eligible vehicle owners to switch to compliant vehicles before the Zone is launched so they won’t pay the daily charge. We’ve secured more than £120m in government funding to help people do this.

Why we want to work with dealerships

Now we’d like your help to make sure that those affected can easily apply for and receive financial support to upgrade through the financial support scheme.

All funds will be paid directly to accredited vehicle dealers, to ensure a comprehensive audit trail, accountability for public funding and to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity. Trade-in of the non-complaint vehicle is mandatory.

We are now seeking vehicle dealers to become accredited to the financial support scheme.

Apply for accreditation

Apply to become an accredited vehicle dealer to the Financial Support Scheme using the link below:

Benefits of accreditation

Financial support will be available for affected vehicle owners and businesses in Greater Manchester from November 2021.

Marketing campaign will drive awareness

A Greater Manchester-wide campaign will raise awareness of the charging Clean Air Zone and the funds available to upgrade.

More clean and compliant vehicles in GM

Accredited dealers will be promoted on the financial support scheme system accessed via the Clean Air Greater Manchester website.

Vehicle dealers and the Clean Air Zone - process overview animation

How the financial support scheme will work

Grants and finance options will be available for the upgrade of vans (LGVs), minibuses, HGVs, coaches, hackney carriages and private hire vehicles (PHVs) which don’t meet minimum emissions standards and that have been registered in Greater Manchester for more than a year. The minimum emission standards for compliant vehicles for upgrade are listed below.

The finance process is designed to be straightforward for both dealers and applicants, and dealers will be given training and support to help the scheme run smoothly for all.

Apply NowKey Facts


Information for customers on the financial support options available to upgrade to a compliant vehicle will be available on This will include information on eligibility criteria and how to apply for the finance support scheme.


People wishing to apply for the finance support scheme will set up a secure online account and provide information about themselves, their vehicle and their business. These details will be verified through a series of validation checks.


Following a successful eligibility assessment and acceptance of the terms and conditions of funding, the applicant will be given a funding award notification, which will set out the options available to them. The applicant can then explore the funding opportunities with our accredited vehicle dealers.

How to become an accredited dealership

We’re looking to work with independent, franchised and manufacturer direct dealers covering both new and used vehicles. Financial support scheme accredited vehicle dealers will need to meet the following criteria:

  • FCA-authorised, or an appointed representative of FCA-authorised principal firms

  • Trading for 12 months or more

  • Have a UK bank account

  • VAT-registered

Apply NowView T&Cs

Once you’ve submitted your details via the the system, it will run some checks. This is likely to take no longer than 48 hours, after which you will be told of the outcome.

Once you’re registered as an accredited dealer, you’ll have access to our helpline for support and advice, making sure you can complete your deals smoothly and quickly.

We’ll also provide you with marketing materials to help you promote that you are accredited to our scheme.

In general terms, owners of vehicles with Euro 5/V or earlier diesel engines, or Euro 3 or earlier petrol engines, would be liable to pay a daily charge to drive in Greater Manchester once the Clean Air Zone is introduced.

The minimum emission standards for compliant vehicles eligible for the funding support scheme are:

  • LGV (Euro category N1) – Euro 6 diesel, Euro 4 petrol

  • Hackney carriage and PHV (Euro category M1 and minibus M2) – Euro 6 diesel, Euro 4 petrol

  • Minibus (Euro category M2) – Euro 6/VI diesel, Euro 4/IV petrol

  • Coach (Euro category M3) – Euro VI diesel

  • HGV (Euro category N2 and N3) – Euro VI diesel

Electric and hybrid vehicles would also be eligible for the financial support scheme or direct government funding, with higher grants and financing available in some cases.

Transport for Greater Manchester cannot give advice on products offered by the Finance Providers on the lending panel. You should contact the respective Finance Provider who will be able to explain the product offering in more detail so that you, as an individual, can determine whether it meets the constructs of your faith and its provisions for lending.