Make a difference
Clean Air Day, 17 June

Could you give the car a day off and walk or cycle a short journey instead? Whether it’s the school run or popping to the shops, every journey makes a big difference to protecting our children’s health. Watch and share this short film to help inspire others…

Let’s get you moving

Make a difference
this Clean Air Day

This Clean Air Day (Thursday 17 June) help protect our children’s health from air pollution. Join with your community to create cleaner, safer streets, where they can learn and play safely.

  • Go car-free
  • Make short journeys on foot or by bike
  • Spread the word: #GMCleanAirDay
  • Share your Clean Air Day journey on social media with @CleanAirGM

Needs tips or support? We’ve got you covered.

What is air pollution?

You can't always see it, but air pollution is all around us. It comes from many sources and can be very damaging to our health.

We can breathe harmful gases and tiny particles deep into our lungs. Some of the smallest particles may also pass into our bloodstreams.

By learning more about air pollution you can help tackle it and protect your health.

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