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The Clean Air Zone

The Greater Manchester-wide charging Clean Air Zone is due to be introduced on 30 May 2022. Vehicles that do not meet emissions standards (non-compliant vehicles) will be charged to drive in the Clean Air Zone. There will be some discounts and exemptions.

You will need to pay a £60 daily charge to travel in the Zone if:

  • You own a bus or coach with nine or more passenger seats.


  • It has a Euro V or earlier diesel engine.

Owners of coaches and buses not used on a registered bus service will be able to apply for a temporary exemption from the daily Clean Air Zone charge until 1 June 2023.

We want to support affected vehicle owners in Greater Manchester to upgrade to cleaner, compliant vehicles and not have to pay a charge. Answer a few questions to see if your vehicle is included in the Zone and eligible for an exemption, and/or funding.

Vehicle and Financial Support checker

Funding to support operators running registered bus services

Greater Manchester has £18.6m of government funding to help eligible bus operators support the retrofit or replacement of non-compliant vehicles. This includes:

  • Bus operators running registered bus services in Greater Manchester.

  • Vehicles used on cross-boundary services entering the Clean Air Zone, even if the vehicle is registered outside Greater Manchester.

Funding to support upgrades of coaches and buses not used on Greater Manchester-registered bus services

Eligible owners of non-compliant coaches and buses registered in Greater Manchester and not used on Greater Manchester-registered bus services will be able to apply for funding towards retrofitting or replacing their vehicle. This funding will initially be targeted to support micro-businesses, self-employed people, sole traders, charities, social enterprises and private owners/registered keepers of a non-compliant vehicle. Subject to available funding, there will be a second funding round open to all eligible owners of a non-compliant vehicle.

The Financial Support Scheme will open for coach and bus applications from the end of January 2022. Once applications are open, please apply as early as possible to have the best chance of being successful.

There will be a cap of five vehicles per applicant across all funding rounds.

Round 1: End of January 2022

  • micro-businesses

  • self-employed people

  • sole traders

  • charities

  • social enterprises

  • private owners/registered keepers of a non-compliant vehicle

Round 2: Date TBC

  • eligible owners/registered keepers of a non-compliant vehicle

Coach and bus funding options

You can apply for financial support to either retrofit or replace your non-compliant coach or bus. Applications are limited to a maximum of five vehicles per applicant, for a mix of vehicle types.

Retrofitting your vehicle

A range of accredited vehicle retrofit options are now available that achieve emissions equivalent to Euro VI level. You can check if a retrofit solution is available for your vehicle at the Energy Saving Trust website. You can apply for:

  • A grant of up to £16,000 per vehicle towards retrofit to a compliant standard via a Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS)-certified system.

Replacing your vehicle

You can also apply for a grant, or 0% or low-cost finance, of up to £32,000 towards a compliant replacement coach or bus, through an accredited dealership. This is only available where the vehicle cannot be retrofitted. Finance options contribute to the cost of financing a replacement vehicle, with the applicant paying in instalments for an agreed period.

Getting ready to apply

Is your coach or bus non-compliant? Are you eligible for an exemption and/or financial support? If you’re not sure, answer a few questions using our vehicle and funding checker.

Vehicle and Financial Support checker

How do I qualify for financial support?

The Financial Support Scheme will open for bus and coach applications from January 2022. Applicants will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Own a small or micro-business, be self-employed or a sole trader, a charity, a social enterprise OR a private owner/registered keeper of a non-compliant vehicle.

  • Be the registered keeper of a non-compliant vehicle with a valid MOT (or annual test), Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax) and insurance.

  • Have a main (or only) residential address OR a registered business address in Greater Manchester for at least 12 months immediately before applying for funding support.

Meeting the criteria does not guarantee that you will be successful with your application.

What documents and information will I need?

Prepare now by making sure you have the following information ready to apply for funding:

  • Your V5C, to upload a digital copy

  • Vehicle registration

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

  • Contact details Company OR charity OR social enterprise OR business trading OR personal name/number

  • Business address or trading address, if different from registered address

What other support is available?

You may not be eligible for support to upgrade your vehicle from the Greater Manchester Financial Support Scheme. If you are eligible, this does not guarantee a funding award. The available government funding will be targeted to support vehicle owners who need it the most to clean up the most polluting eligible vehicles.

Make sure you find out more about other support and funding that may be available to you.

Find out more

More information

Applications will be made through a secure online account. You will need to provide information about yourself, your vehicle and your business or organisation. Once we have received your application we will verify your details by checking them against external data sources.

When you apply for funding we will let you know how long it will take to decide on your application. If you are successful, you will be given a fund award notification (FAN) once you have accepted the terms and conditions. The (FAN) will set out the options available to you, so you can explore what will best meet your needs.

The funding will be paid directly to accredited suppliers of retrofit and replacement upgrade options. You will need to trade in your non-compliant vehicle. This will ensure that your vehicle is either replaced by a compliant vehicle on a like-for-like basis, or upgraded using a Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS)-certified emission reduction system.

We are currently recruiting accredited dealerships and retrofit suppliers. More information will be available soon.

You would not be eligible for funding if you have already retrofitted your vehicle or purchased a replacement, as your vehicle would not be subject to daily charges.

If you can demonstrate that you have placed an order for a compliant replacement vehicle or retrofit solution, but have not received it yet, you may be eligible for a temporary exemption to Clean Air Zone daily charges. This would apply until you have your compliant replacement vehicle, or for 12 weeks, or until 31 May 2023, whichever is sooner. Following 31 May 2023, non-compliant vehicles will be charged.

You will be able to apply for this exemption from the end of January 2022. Please sign up to be notified when you can apply.

Find out more about discounts and exemptions.

We can't give advice on products offered by accredited finance providers. You should contact the respective finance provider who will be able to explain the product in more detail so that you can determine whether it meets the beliefs of your faith and its provisions for lending.

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The Clean Air Zone

Find out more about roads included in the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone, how it will work, daily charges, and other vehicles included in the Zone.

More Clean Air Zone information

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Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone:

Vehicle and financial support checker

Is my vehicle affected and am I eligible to apply for funding?

Answer a few questions to check:

  • If your vehicle is included in the Clean Air Zone
  • If you are eligible to apply for financial support to replace or retrofit your vehicle
  • More information about your options
Before you start: you might like to have your V5C vehicle logbook to hand to check your vehicle tax class and body type.