In Greater Manchester, in common with many towns and cities across the country, we need to clean up the air we breathe. Air pollution from road transport can seriously damage our health and plays a part in the equivalent of 1,200 deaths every year.

Children are some of the most vulnerable to the effects of air pollution. Because children’s lungs are still developing, air pollution can have a bigger impact on their health than it does on adults’. Dirty air is linked to the worsening of asthma symptoms and more frequent cases of coughs and bronchitis. Just a few hours’ exposure to air pollution can irritate your eyes, nose and throat. But a few years’ can lead to you developing heart and lung disease.

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Schools can play a part in helping Greater Manchester tackle poor air quality, giving pupils and everyone else cleaner air to breathe.

We’ve created a toolkit to help your school take action against air pollution. Combining curriculum-linked lesson plans and resources with the latest scientific understanding and campaign tools, the toolkit helps schools raise awareness and gets the whole school engaged in practical ways to improve the local air

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