Schoolchildren can be more affected by air pollution because their organs and immune systems are still developing. Because of their size, they are often close to sources of air pollution like car exhausts.

The good news is, we can all make small changes to help clean up our air and help protect our families. And schools can play an important role.

Schools toolkit

We’ve created a toolkit to help your school take action against air pollution, so that pupils and everyone else can breathe cleaner air.

The free toolkit combines curriculum-linked lesson plans and resources with the latest scientific understanding and campaign tools.

It will help your school raise awareness of air pollution and get teachers, parents and pupils involved in practical ways to improve the local air.

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The school run

The school run not only causes congestion but can also cause harmful pollution at the school gates. According to new research by Queen Mary University of London, 60% of the pollution that children breathe each day is taken in during the school run.

Walk or scoot to school

Children who get to school this way are healthier and perform better in class. Choose quieter side streets to avoid traffic. Here are some ideas to get started.